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I am an attorney, so admitted on 28 January 2016, and enrolled on the Roll of Attorneys for the Gauteng Division of the High Court of South Africa.

I take cases as a general practitioner of the law. My consulting rooms are located by the border between Fairland and Northcliff, on

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Northcliff Hill; just off 14th Avenue.

After graduating Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of the Witwatersrand, where I had enrolled for, and passed, the maximum number of courses ordinarily permitted, I completed, with distinction, the Law Society’s School for Legal Practice full-time 6-month practical legal training course.

I have gained and enjoyed much exposure to the law and to the day to day details of practice, and litigation, both after my enrolment as an attorney of the High Court, as well as during my articles of clerkship and, prior to that, when I worked as a student counsellor/paralegal at the Wits Law Clinic – in the final year of law school and during my studies at the School for Legal Practice.

A deep interest in the law of South Africa, especially our constitutional and common law, guided my studies and my continues to influence my current career path. I enjoy engaging in the day to day work of being an attorney, and reading the material contained in our case law. 

I am passionate about the place of my birth, South Africa, and am proud to be a patriot and citizen of this diverse and beautiful nation. I consider myself a global citizen and keep connections in a number of different nations across the world. Communicating with people from other cultures, I believe, has aided me to have a more open-minded approach in so far as how I see, and interact with, the world.

I believe success requires not just hard work but intelligence, perseverance, humility, integrity, ingenuity, diligence, a strong work ethic, and the courage to request the assistance of those better-versed in a matter, or field, where necessary.

The cultures and legal systems, morals and courtesy systems, languages, intricacies and religions of South Africa and of the nations of the world, are subjects I love to research. I enjoy reading and writing. To keep abreast with important events occurring in other countries, I find my knowledge of other languages, especially French, to be highly useful. I passed Afrikaans at a matric level. I took Zulu from grades 5 to 7.

I enjoy public speaking and debate, and believe that manners, appropriate dress for an occasion and courtesy are of very great importance. I enjoy hard work and like to throw myself entirely into solving a problem.

Some of My Past Positions, and My Current Position:

Articles of Clerkship

I was much pleased to have had the privilege of having served at two very different law firms during my articles, giving me a much broader experience of work in the profession.

This included exposure to both civil and criminal fields of law, as well as to litigious work and that of a preventative, anticipatory or administrative nature. Litigious matters, which I assisted in, included cases in the Magistrates’ Court, CCMA, High Court, and Supreme Court of Appeal, in addition to a multinational matter which went before the Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa.

Civil Litigation Attorney

My work as an associate attorney at Botha & Sutherland Attorneys gave me more extensive exposure to court work, as I appeared at court, as attorney for plaintiff or defendant, in Magistrates' and Regional Courts almost daily, during my time there, and I was also more thoroughly exposed to most aspects of civil procedure, in terms of drafting various notices, pleadings and affidavits for various civil procedure matters at their many different stages of litigation.

General Practise

On 1 October 2016, I joined Serina Govender Inc Attorneys, a general practice taking civil and criminal law matters, in the Greater Johannesburg Area. I take matters whether for litigation or in an advisory capacity in the civil law, criminal law, and military law fields. 

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