About Marc Evan Aupiais

I am an attorney, practising as a general practitioner of the law. I graduated Bachelor of Laws (LLB: Legum Baccalaureus) in 2013, at the University of the Witwatersrand.

I am enrolled, on the Roll of Attorneys for the Gauteng Division of the High Court of South Africa, both as an attorney, and, additionally, as an attorney with Right of Appearance in the High Court.

I accept briefs to advise, to assist, to represent, to draw up and draft documents, and to litigate, including for matters involving: 

Contract, corporate, company, sale, lease, labour,  consumer, and persons law, as  well as in relation to those other matters which are customarily taken by general practitioners of the law.

My consulting rooms are located on Northcliff Hill, in a road called Soutpans Avenue, which is parallel to 14th Avenue, and is located by the intersecting borders of Fairland, Quellerina, and Northcliff. 

I was duly admitted, as an attorney of the High Court of South Africa,  by order of court, as is proper, on the 28th day of January 2016, under case number: 88536/2015, in terms of the Attorneys Act No. 53 of 1979. 

I was granted Right of  Appearance in the High Court of South Africa, in terms of s 4 of the Right of Appearance in Courts Act No. 62 of 1995, under case number: 61112/2017, it having been determined that I duly qualified for such right, upon the appropriate application to the requisite registrar of the High Court of South Africa being made.

Nearby Courts of Law

I am within the  (15 kilometre) jurisdictional distance to be allowed to  operate directly, and without need for correspondent attorneys, in courts including:  Johannesburg High Court (Gauteng Local Division, held at Johannesburg), Johannesburg Magistrates' Court, Randburg Magistrates' Court and Roodepoort Magistrates' Court.

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Soutpans Ave

Our Area and Nearby Surrounds

'Northcliff Hill [ ... ] is believed to have been populated by humans for over 250,000 years. At 1807 metres, the ridge is the second highest point in Johannesburg, being one metre lower than Observatory Ridge.' (Wikipedia: Northcliff.)

Nearby suburbs: Northcliff, Fairland, Florida, Constantia, Cresta, Blackheath, Berario, Emmarentia, Florida Glen.

Soutpans Avenue is accessible via: Sophia Street, Kessel Street, and Wilson Street. All access routes go through either 14th Avenue, or via going through the suburb of Northcliff.