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University of the Witwatersrand, Oliver Schreiner School of Law: Bachlor of Laws (LLB)

University of the Witwatersrand
LLB 4 year, Law, English
2009 – 2013

Grade: I qualified for my degree in 2013, and have graduated Bachelor of Laws LLB.
My grandparents on my mother's side, my mother, and sister attended Wits. I determined also to attend this esteemed educational institution. 

I was accepted to the most difficult law degree, the LLB or Legum Baccalaureus. 

In first year I was unanimously elected class representative in Global English Literature and Film by several hundred students. I was also the first ever First year to be elected to the executive of a specific political party on campus. In subsequent years I was continually elected to positions of responsibility and leadership. 

While I did engage in sports: tennis and Kayaking among others, I preferred to do so outside of campus. I have a K1 River Kayak, and also joined a tennis club outside of university.

I consistently spent much of my free time bettering myself and my general and specific knowledge outside of university, including by means of on-line learning via coursera, and I additionally edited and reported for SACNS as a journalist.
Activities and Societies: DASO, ACTS

Courses (All of which I am glad to say I successfully passed):

LLB 4 year, Law, English
University of the Witwatersrand
Delict (Laws2003)
Insurance (Laws3002)
Negotiable Instruments & Banking Law (Laws3005)
Business Entities (Laws3010)
Constitutional Law (Laws3011)
Introduction to Law (Laws1006)
English Global Literature and Film (Eng1003)
Introduction to Constitutional Law (Laws1002)
Foundations of South African Law (Laws1004)
Persons & Family Law (Laws1005)
Customary Law (Laws1003)
English Literature in Context (Eng1001)
Criminal Law (Laws2001)
Contract (Laws2002)
Succession (Laws 2004)
Legal Information Literacy (Laws2005)
Criminal Procedure (Laws3031)
Jurisprudence (LAWS2017)
Property (LAWS3029)
Public International Law (LAWS3030)
Evidence (LAWS3032)
Civil Procedure (LAWS3033)
Forensic Medicine (FORM 4005/1)
Administrative Law (LAWS 4060)
Special Contracts (LAWS 4056)
Appropriate Dispute Resolution (LAWS 4043)
Practical Legal Studies (LAWS4003)
Competition Law (LAWS4045)
Environmental Law (LAWS4047)
Insolvency Laws (LAWS4050)