My Areas of Practice

At Serina Govender Attorneys, where I have worked since 1 October 2016, I accept matters in all areas of civil and criminal law, as well as those matters which are of an administrative nature.

Areas of Law I take matters in, at Serina Govender Inc. Attorneys-at-Law, include:

Litigious Matters and Representation at Court

Drafting of Pleadings, Motions, and Notices

Civil Litigation

Magistrates' Court Matters

High Court Matters

Labour Matters

Law of Evidence

Criminal law matters

Bail Applications

Representation of Accused Persons at Court



Contracts, Contract Law and Corporate Matters

Unfair Competition Matters

Winding Up of Companies

Insolvency Law




Employment related

Tax and Tax Registration


Law Pertaining to Directors

Restraints of Trade

Advice in this area of law

Elder Law


Administration of Deceased Estates

Pension Law Matters

Benefits law

Labour Matters


Employment Law

Employment Contracts

Misconduct and Incapacity Law Matters

Termination of Employment



Dismissals due to incapacity

Dismissals due to misconduct

Unfair Dismissals


Family Law






Curatorship Matters and Applications

Trusts and Trust Matters

Paternity Disputes

Domestic Violence Matters

Domestic Violence Protection Orders

Protection from Harassment Matters

Property Matters

Property Transfers


Landlord, Tenant, Lease and Letting matters

Delictual Matters, Interdicts and Mandates etc

Media Law

Social Media Law

Defamation Matters

Medical Negligence

Neighbour Law and the Law of Nuisance

Promotion of Administrative Justice Matters (Administrative Law)

Access to Information Matters

Third Party Claims

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Road Accident Fund (RAF) Matters

Insurance Matters

And all other matters dealt with by a general practice law firm.

At Botha & Sutherland Attorneys, I dealt with matters in the following areas:

•   Magistrates' Court litigation,

•   Regional Court Litigation,

•   Subrogation,

•   Insurance Law,

•   Unlawful Arrest,

•   Civil Litigation,

•   Law of Evidence.

At Desmond Barry Attorneys, I dealt with matters in the following areas:

•   Pensions Law,  

•   Benefits Law, 

•   Provident Funds Law, 

•   Labour Law,  

•   Insurance Law, 
•   The Law of Estoppel,  
•   The Turquand Rule,  
•   Civil Suits,  

•   Contracts and Contract Law, 

•   High Court litigation,  

•   Civil Process and Procedure,  

•   Business law,  

•   Companies Law.

At DL Wilson Attorney, I dealt with matters in the following areas:


•  Business Law,
•  Contracts and Contract Law,
•  Family Law,
•  Labour Law,
•  Criminal Law,
•  Debt Collection,
•  Civil Suits,
•  Domestic Violence,
•  Custody and Care,
•  Maintenance,
•  Law of Landlord, Lease, Tenant and Evictions,
•  Law of Property,
•  Winding Up of Companies,
•  Companies Law,
•  Curatorship Applications due to Patient Incapacity or Insanity,
•  Wills, Trusts, and Estates Law.


At  the University of the Witwatersrand Law Clinic, I dealt with matters in the following areas:

•   Divorce,

•   Custody and Adoption Matters,

•   Customary Law Marriages,

•   Breach of Promise,

•   Universal Partnerships,

•   Paternity Litigation,

•   Contract Law,

•   Law of Landlord and Tenant,