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A glance too obvious at your Apple Smart Watch could land you in jail?

posted 21 May 2015, 03:31 by Marc Evan Aupiais   [ updated 21 May 2015, 04:01 ]

Use of a smart watch or ‘Google Glass' type device, while driving, could still see you found guilty of negligent or reckless driving, ENS warn

Drones to be strictly regulated

posted 21 May 2015, 03:29 by Marc Evan Aupiais

'A person would need a licence to fly a drone, at minimum be 18-years-old, and hold at least a valid class four medical certificate for beyond visual line of sight operations, or operations involving drones classified as class 3 or higher' says Adam Wakefield for News 24, of the soon to be in force regulations.

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