Causes I care about

I strongly believe in furthering not just present day solutions, but ones with systematic, lasting effect. I most strongly believe in Education, creating safety and security and stability, promoting literacy, and promoting peace and conflict resolution. My passion for justice is what has guided me in my hobbies and career. It is why I work as a journalist, and why I feel passionate about my job when I serve a client in law.

LinkedIn asked what I believe in as just causes, some of these follow:


The foundation of a just and prospering society.


We are nothing without a well cultivated environment. Nature, and the well being of that around me is of importance to me, as is the state of our urban and office and home environments. A good environment makes a good civilisation and vice versa. I strongly believe in creating an environment where business can and must flourish.


Health is essential to human well-being, I believe in supporting initiatives which truly promote well-being, though I am careful in picking out organisations which do what they say.

Human Rights

I believe in natural law, that whether by evolution or by culture, we as human beings recognise the rights of dignity, life and subsidiarity of the person. I am a strong believer in promoting human rights.

Disaster and Humanitarian Relief

I believe in helping others in need, but only through organisations which adhere to subsidiarity and thus do not do more damage than good.


While I am politically unaffiliated, I strongly believe in using politics and peace to achieve good ends. I am certainly one to get behind a good initiative and I strongly claim to be a patriot and to care about my nation.

Science and Technology

Advancement of science and technology can solve so many of the world's problems, when ethically done and in the interests of all humanity. I strongly believe innovation should be rewarded, and that science must be encouraged.