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Owner, Notary Public, Attorney-at-Law, Marc Evan Aupiais Attorney, October 2017 – August 2020

I advised, assisted, and represented clients, fact-found and researched matters, and drafted, certified and registered documents. My focus was corporate, business, contract, labour (human resources), property, wills, and notarial law. I worked as an attorney (enrolled January 2016, high court appearance rights: 2017) and notary (2018-2020).

I upkept my firm's business, marketing, website, records, compliance, accounts (bookkeeping, analysis, reconciliation, statements, invoicing), databases (Access, Excel), and its interactions with various government bodies. Most clients gave me repeat business and referrals. I used IT systems and encryption extensively in my firm. I regularly found answers to complex legal questions as part of my work, via my library of books and tools.

Consulting Attorney, Serina Govender Inc. Attorneys-at-Law, October 2016 – September 2017

I represented clients against opponents and at court; I wrote letters on their behalf and drafted contracts and documents to be used at court, including a complex application for registration of a post-nuptial contract. I represented officers tried at a national military base. I assisted the firm in the creation of its company profile, setting up its website and Facebook presence, with marketing, and in the design of business cards. My focus was contract, corporate, companies, labour, wills, estates, landlord/tenant, sale, and military criminal law.

Associate Attorney, Botha and Sutherland Attorneys, May 2016 – June 2016

I appeared at court for insurance company clients for approximately three dozen matters. I drafted extensively in a wide range of civil procedure matters. I did legal research, determined merits, investigated facts and the whereabouts of to be located parties, and reviewed and resolved issues in problem files.

Candidate Attorney and Post Articles, Desmond Barry Attorneys, March 2015 – May 2016

I learnt a lot about research, writing, drafting and presentation from my principal at this firm, who was a published legal author, and former partner of one of South Africa's top law firms, who had opened his own firm years before. My work’s focus was on High Court litigation, insurance, contracts, and pension law.

Candidate Attorney, D.L. Wilson Attorney, August 2014 – March 2015

I drafted pleadings, affidavits, and correspondence; I interviewed clients, researched, and appeared at court. I dealt with matters that were litigated in: the magistrates' court, the domestic violence court, the CCMA (a body dealing with labour law matters), the High Court, the Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa (AFSA), and the Supreme Court of Appeal (South Africa's highest court for non-constitutional matters). We took many unique matters; Part of my work involved extensively researching the law in various areas, fact-finding, and interacting with various government and other bodies and with various medical, financial, and legal professionals.

Other Positions: Student Counsellor/Paralegal at Wits University Law Clinic (2013, June 2014); Correspondent for France’s French-language Les News (from 2014); Web Assistance, Advice to ADHASA (2011-2012); Class Representative: PLT Criminal Court Practice (2014), LLB Contract Law (2010), LLB Global English Literature & Film (2009); Deputy Chair of the Executive Committee (elected position): Democratic Alliance Students Organisation DASO at Wits University (2009-2010); Editor: SACNS News & Analysis (from 2008).