Correspondent in South Africa for Paris Based French Language Breaking News Service: Les News

Correspondent in South Africa

I have provided news to Les News for well over half a decade. My work, when I have had the spare time to do it, has always been to find stories before other major services break them, and otherwise, to find news which is newsworthy, but may have been missed by major news services. Les News discovered me at a time when I was translating their and other French news' tweets into English, while quoting them (and other sites) as the source; given French media often cover certain news more widely, with different focuses, and faster than English media do.

Les News ('The News') was founded on 17 July 2009. With 399 000 followers on Twitter, including from the French political class, Les News has a reputation for breaking news before other services can. I am one of about 30 correspondents of Les News, globally.

Much of the news I provide for Les News gets between dozens and hundreds of retweets, with some of my items getting in excess of 600.

'Les dernières informations du monde en français. Alerte, Flash info, Breaking news !'