When seeing a lawyer...

When you see a lawyer, it is best to come fully prepared. Any items or information you do not bring with you cost time. When dealing with a lawyer, you pay for their time. The more you have prepared beforehand, the less you have to spend time getting everything needed together.

Lawyers are often more expensive than you first anticipate. Matters which go to trial can be postponed, and many other unexpected costs can arise.

Before seeing a lawyer, make sure you have your finances in order, and that you do everything you can to reduce the costs of litigation. Not bringing every document and item of information you need to a consultation can cause a need for follow up. Follow-up takes time, and thus costs you money. This page is aimed at making your experience with your lawyer as pleasant as possible.

It is always important to bring copies of any documents, and any information you think may be relevant to any consultation with a lawyer.

This section of this site aims to help you to do so.