Language and Linguistics

I indulge my love of language and linguistics regularly. I enjoy not only to know the meaning of a word, but its history and usage, as well as how to recognise the various pronunciations and colloquial dialects.

I am fluent and have an advanced vocabulary in English. I enjoy reading not only modern English, but also older

forms of this complex language. I can understand, read and write British, American, South African, Canadian English, and some words of the version on the Sub Continent of India. That is not in spite of this to say that I speak with various accents of the language. I am told my accent when speaking is weakly a Johannesburg Northern Suburb accent, and is closest to British English, although I am sure a native speaker of that nation would recognise that I am not from there.

I am deeply passionate about Latin, and have been for many years. In my spare time I enjoy to read ancient Latin works, mostly accessed from open source texts via the internet. I also tend to remember the Latin phrases that others might forget, something of which I take pride.

I enjoy to read, write and speak in French. I have often bested fast reporting English language news journalists in getting to a major story because I read the story when the story broke in French.

I love to read, write, and speak Spanish, and understand some of the differences between continental and Latin American dialects. However, my Spanish is nowhere near as good as my French and English.

I passed in Zulu in school, a subject the school took from first grade until 7th grade.

I passed Afrikaans at Matric Level.