Trinity House High School: Matriculation with University Exemption

Trinityhouse High School, Passed with University Exemption, 2004-2008

My final year (Matriculation/Leaving Certificate) subjects (all passed) were: English, Mathematics, Afrikaans, Life Orientation LO, Information Technology IT (computer programming), Science, and Business Studies.

As I had attended Trinityhouse School, I had continued on to Trinityhouse High School.

Like the junior school it had a very high academic standard even for a private school. Dress was formal and always strictly enforced upon students, and the school was very disciplined.

I did well, academically, despite the high standard demanded of students.

When we, as a class, read Shakespeare, I impressed my fellow students with my public speaking skills, and also gained a reputation for being able to do group-work report-back as well as ordinary speeches, off the cuff, and in what, I was told, was an impressive manner. My ability to argue a point, and detailed knowledge of history, caused other students at this school to suggest that I go into law as my career.